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  • Lovely Sunday!
    2/27/11 @ Sunday, February 27, 2011 | comment (0)


    I woke up at 8plus today and went for piano lesson at 10am! I went home, watch vampire diaries, lunch, went serangoon shop for camp stuff & i finally got my new phone yay! Went with mom to buy a lot of things i carry the heavy one cause she complain leg pain! Hahah, i so good girl! (:

     I got xperia x10 mini (: Not even close to what i want! But im satisfied alr (: Ohya fianally got the miotv thing!


    This is the mask (:
    Before, hahah first time do mask. REALLY.

    Damn cooling i swear (:

    This is after! Not much difference, i don't think this one suit my face!

    Oh im almost done with packing! :D

    2/25/11 @ Friday, February 25, 2011 | comment (0)

    PATHS. common test over!
    2/24/11 @ Thursday, February 24, 2011 | comment (0)




    Ditch her but want her back
    2/23/11 @ Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | comment (0)


    Day 8 to 10 (:
    2/19/11 @ Saturday, February 19, 2011 | comment (0)


    Day 8 - your favorite internet friend. I use to have a internet friend. We met through AuditionSEA. I was Primary five only. Hahah, somehow we stopped talking. I wonder how is he doing? (:
    Day 9 - someone you wish you could meet. My future husband, hahahah! I wish he is capable, tall, muscular, loving, caring, protects me, im first in his eyes, understanding, forgiving, treats me like princess and prove to me there is 'happily ever after' saying! :B
    Day 10 - someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to. That guy lah whalau kthanksbye :B

    What she has that i dont?
    2/18/11 @ Friday, February 18, 2011 | comment (0)

    Guys always do this, yeah?

    You make me smile! (: Cutayye.
    2/17/11 @ Thursday, February 17, 2011 | comment (0)

    YELLOW! HAHAHAH you make me smile! (: cute lah ,_, Okay i didn't get to update the past few days cause schedule packed like crazy ): Thursdays are the best cause i can go home early (: Eeeyer, i must start mugging alr! But yah today rocks. Not much lessons. A lot of time wasted heh. CE we get to discuss for our camp. My class going Batam woots! I yesterday bad mood siol~ Anyhow attitude! >< Sorry people! Alright, i very happy k bye! (: Muaxx. Heheh my blog is a fail k no one read!


    Valentines 2011 & Outing @ Kampong & Floating Garden.
    2/14/11 @ Monday, February 14, 2011 | comment (0)

    HAPPY VALENTINES PEOPLE (: HUGSANDKISSES TO YOU! :D YES, SEE, EVEN GOOGLE SO IN LOVE :B K i receive a rose from Victoria and snacks from erny & naya & cookie from hidayah. Thanks all love you much. Make me feel guilty! Cause i didn't do anything. Today is hectic. Running around k! After school, math remedial. Finish alr i chiong to Serangoon with Cinthya to buy something ^^ Thn i chiong to sengkang for a buffet my parents want me to go along. Thn i chiong home, bathed, chiong theory and i going out for piano lessons soon. So sad ikr ): Victoria babe, get well soon. Everyone dont fall sick k! Love you all.

    Yesterday i was soooo busy also. I woke up, do a lil theory, thn aunt fetch us to her place. Slack slack awhile thn she fetch me to serangoon. I chiong to Bishan to find that the book me & joeann need all on load. So i called joeann and our dear joeann still at her house void deck. Why? Her dad nagged at her thinking we're lesbians. LOL. wtf ikr. But anyway i met her at Nex. But awhile only my Aunt came to pick me.. I pangseh Joeann sorry ah! ): Yesyes, i owe you outings k :B heheh. Ah thn i reach Aunt house, know new friend, thn we went cycling. We went to Kampong Buangkok & Floating Garden till damn late. I had so much fun! You all should go there with your family/friends cause its really relaxing! This photo of floating garden not i take one lah, but will post mine when im free. I super busy now gtg le :B K have fun guys i love you all!

    Choir & Art! (:
    2/12/11 @ Saturday, February 12, 2011 | comment (0)

    Today i got choir, woke up at 7 and choir starts 9am. Till 12plus. 4hour plus singing ah? Sure die heheh. After choir zao to Bishan thinking that im late. Apparently HuiLin also late -.- We end up buying drink and thn go her house. lol wts ikr, library got one fucked up librarian and library no place so end up her house. Took pictures and finish 3 drawing (: Yay! I doing my 50 squares now, ltr shall post on facebook ya! Hmmm came home and went out at 5plus to meet Tittle for dinner. I damn guailan lah :B But also good cause in the end he need go back for dinner. Heh, thank him for all the treats :B Thanks ah! (: Okay, tml hardcore art with Joeann, kbye Muaxx.

    2/11/11 @ Friday, February 11, 2011 | comment (0)

    I WAN THIS AS MY ROOM! Ni Hao! Its a friday and im tired much. Got extra piano lesson so left choir early. Whaaa i wan sleep. Kk byebye tml will be a fun day :B

    Day 2-6. (:
    2/8/11 @ Tuesday, February 08, 2011 | comment (0)

    'I'm trying to be a better person.' - Tittle always say that. I should start thinking bout it too. Today extremely tiring, i just finish dinner. Heh, & i think my test all gg lah~ ):

    Day 2 - your crush.
    Hmm for now im trying to concentrate on my studies.. Wha but a few hot guys i keep thinking about. How? LOL. That one's cute, that one's hawt, that one's nice, that one's *blahblah. Heheh what happened to me :B
    Day 3 - your parents.
    My parents had been strict and pushy when i was in Primary 2-4. But thn i got this like mental broke down or smth hahah i forgot but i had a tough time. Math was never my strong subject. I love my parents so much cause they care, they shout, they cry, they get worried & stressed up for me. Most importantly, they understand how tired i am after school everyday. Not like my piano tcher ask me wake up at 7pm for sundays -.- Insane bullshit. Heheh. Sundays.. I would never EVER wake up at 7 omfg. AH WHATEVER I LOVE MY MOMMY & DADDY k :B MINE! MUAHAHAHAH. :B
    Day 4 - your sibling.
    My brother.. Hmm we seem close but maybe not now heheh cause he occupied with girlfriend. Everyday siol, she come our place or he go her place. I must say i was quite annoyed at first.. HOW CAN SHE SNATCH MY brother! LOL. But whatever lah now i use to it le. But still, i miss having my brother showing care directly to me :B
    Day 5 - your dreams.
    I recently have this super awesome dream. Got this hawt guy in black cute spects. Cannot remember the face but i know we were hugging lol! I am despo? Even dream about boyfriend when i dont have. Hahah! But yah HE SUPER DUPER UBER CUTE! :B WO AI SHANG TA LE, *i forgot the face wts? Heheh i so happy i remember the dream. :B EVERYTIME I GOT DREAM AH, woke up 2 seconds ltr i forgot le -.- PUI! When i was younger i use to dream, wake up for toilet THN CAN CONTINUE BACK THE DREAM SIOL! LOL. Miss those times. Heheh, today recess, Joeann Yiying & Kangster, we all talking bout dreams (: So cute teehee.
    Day 6 - a stranger.
    Stranger uh? I hate those creepers who like shout, asking your number on the streets. Like damn despo idk why. Heheh the girl reject you, you will laokui ley, shout so loud for what. :B

    Heheh kk bye i love you muaxx muaxx yay no homework!  ♥ Eeee why upstairs got so many creeking sound!

    2/7/11 @ Monday, February 07, 2011 | comment (0)

    Hello people (: I cannot believe it. I LEARN MY TING XIE TODAY. MUAHAHAHAH. :B So happy. I hope i pass tml k! Today i got short temper yawn and soooooo sleepy. Jeez, i wanna go shopping (: Who's w me! *sigh aww! Ltr got piano ):

    School tml ):
    2/5/11 @ Saturday, February 05, 2011 | comment (0)

    Staying at home :B Yesterday people jio me out but i in the end didn't go for both.. Kind of regret and kind of think it was a right choice. I did my school homework yesterday! (: Im gonna do piano homework now. Me so guai :B Why no one jio me ah. Nevermind, kkbyebye. Sad tml school reopen ): Muaxx xoxo. (:

    CuteGuyInMyDream :B
    2/4/11 @ Friday, February 04, 2011 | comment (0)

    Everything was so blur.. A guy with cute black spects was there, holding and keeping me in his arms. I felt warmth, felt love. We went through hardships and happy days. I wonder who that guy was? ): Jeez just a dream i had. hahahah! I swear that guy is damn cute, damn damn damn superb uber cute. Look like someone i know, damn charming i swear. Sad siol, when i woke up -.- Why dream!! Hahahah (: Kk, anyway went BishanAunt's place bai nian. Isable, my niece, damn cute i swear. But im starting to have phobia for kids. Sigh guilty much. Sorry much, byemuaxx.

    2/3/11 @ Thursday, February 03, 2011 | comment (0)

    Visited Godma's place, grandgodma, grandma, & back home steamboat w people. Having a kid is not easy. K, abit ruining my mood here but im trying to tell myself its alright. K, patience Crystal, remember. (: Bye loves.

    2/2/11 @ Wednesday, February 02, 2011 | comment (0)

    CNY celebration in school this year is boring and budget ._.But anyway, Jiayi couldn't go out.. & 3J outing very lil people going so cancel.. So i go lunch w Cinthya (: She soooo cute i love her best. She gimmi a clothes she bought online.. She dun like thn gimmi (: Thanks ah :B kk got reunion dinner, baibai muaxx (;

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!
    2/1/11 @ Tuesday, February 01, 2011 | comment (0)

    Yesterday night camwhore w HaoZe, JiaChen & Aisyah. Teehee! Fun die. Tml onwards got angbao take alr, k love you all HAPPY NEW YEAR! (: Muaxx.