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  • My Acne Problem!
    2/11/12 @ Saturday, February 11, 2012 | comment (0)

    Hello readers! I'm sure most of us have went through times where we have really really bad breakouts, whiteheads & blackheads or acnes. And here i am to talk about my experience!

    Alright so, i've been the girl in class who go through puberty faster than others. I started having breakouts when  i was 10 or 11 years old. And worse thing was to not care about them! I really didn't bother to take care of them and things got worse when i was 12. My whole face was full of pimples. Well, pimples are a type of acne right? I guess my case was not very serious.

    I came to be more sensitive and cared about how people look at me or comment about me. I was about 13 when i start to try to take care of my face. But i did it the wrong way... which was actually touching them, squeeze them, and not using proper cloth to clean my face. I thought by doing that, i'd go away! Also, i would have my fringe covering my forehead, thinking it would hide it from others. However, i didn't know that what i was actually doing was making my face more oily, and not allowing the pores to breathe. My face was really in such bad condition that people joked about it - and I really hated that.

    I went for facial treatments and I did get some tips from the lady. It may not be right, but it did helped me so to share it with you:
    1) Never ever, ever, wet your face when its oily. Always, always do use a clean towel to absorb the oil on your face first, then wash it. The logic that the lady told me was its like cooking. When the pan is oily, you splash water in it, what happens? She told me that its similar to what happen to our face.

    2) Also, if you apply your facial product and it actually stings your skin, throw them away, try a new product!
    3) And and and! Try your best not to touch your face beacause your hands are dirty! It might clog pores or smth.
    4) Don't just use any facial scrubs cause most facial scrubs those irritate your skin!
    5) When cleaning your face, go in circular motion. This also creates blood flow to the face and it's healthy for the skin and cell renewal.

    My face is still oily but it have improved over the years. So, yup this is all. Before i finish, please guys, check out about Therapeutic Dermatolofic Formula (TDF)'s free sample giveaway at've alr liked it, got the code thing and hope that the collection is successful! Would love to try it and then share it with you guys! (: Ciao <3

    About TDF

    Established in USA in 1994, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula is a respected name in the field of dermatological skincare, being a pioneer in AHA glycolic acid formulations. Dedicated to improve consumers’ self-esteem, the brand provides a range of skin care products with superior quality and proven efficacy, delivering visible results. Its areas of expertise include management of acne, pigmentation disorders, photo-aging and aging skin conditions. A well-recognized prescriptive skincare brand in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula products are available via dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacists.