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  • TDF sample & Movie.
    2/12/12 @ Sunday, February 12, 2012 | comment (0)

    Hello guys! (: So yeap, i got the TDF sample! Gonna try it out (: Hahah, its super easy to get it! Just like the page in my previous update, and then give your info and you can go to the nearest Guardian stall to get it! (:

    So today, i woke up feeling weird cause i had a weird dream... But its okay i guess cause i had quite some rest last night (: And then i went out... Freaking upset cause my friend, Z, didn't reply me ): She was suppose to meet me at Nex to pass me SS notes! I have it this tuesday, YES, FREAKIN VALENTINES WTF. Kay, and then i have no idea what the topic is about... at all -.- Its okay... anyway, did some chemistry with JongWoo and then we went for a movie at AMKhub, Chronicle... Okay ... out of the whole movie... i only like the starting part when he was enjoying the powers wtf right. Urgh, i tell you, not worth the money! >< But aiyo, i didn't pay for it >< Thanks JongWoo! Kay, after movie i just simply went home, ate dinner and went for a jog. Back home, teid the sample... i gonna see if got difference over the days till i finish it k! (: