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    3/1/12 @ Thursday, March 01, 2012 | comment (0)

    Hello. My daily number of readers are like decreasing due to lack of updates.. Sorry. So~ While my juniors are happily enjoying themselves with their camps, my batch have been having talks from polytechnics to let us know more about the life there and some courses which we are interested in. The talks are quite helpful to many but for me... im still quite lost. I really envy people who have an idea of what they want to do in the future. I mean, not that i don't have... But im still quite confuse with the choices that i have come up with. I mean last year, i wanted to do design cause i took art and i was quite interested in apparel design and merchandising... However i've got some feedback and thn i gave up that choice. And because my parents really hope i continue with music, and due to the fact i really love singing (more of pop tho..) ~ Thn i was thinking of SP's Music Audio Technology course.. But i felt that, that might be a tough choice.. Also, i use to be quite sporty and till now, i do love outdoor activities like camps and going overseas. So i am now taking SP's tourism and resort management or TP's Hospitality & Tourism Management.. kay, idk cause im still lost but yeah, if any of you are caring enough to gimmi advice, i will appreciate it so much. Thanks love, <3