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    5/20/12 @ Sunday, May 20, 2012 | comment (0)

    HELLO EVERYONE IM BACK :B (for awhile hehe)
    So yeah i've not blog for more than a month and my bff is asking for one (: So here it is a little update for the past one month.
    - I went to see the Andy Warhol and Titanic exhibition. It was stunning, love it.

    - Celebrated Mothers' day.
    - I turned 16.
    - I finished my Mid year examinations.
    - My cousin came from China and will stay for about a month.
    (i feel extremely bad cause i was having examinations and couldn't accompany her most of the time even after the exams >: )

    - My other cousin is coming over for a few days on 23 may!
    - My bff birthday is coming 23 may.
    - Chinese O-Level are coming, how to study chinese ah? ._.
    - Feeling really cranky, frustrated these days idk why.
    So anyway a few photos here to show you stufffz :D
    Super cool some of his works :D Couldn't take them tho so..
    Thats me touching the ice berg :B Took it secretly but some angmo saw me ):
    Thats me and Yiyin, hehe she's my mother (the Titanic pass :D)
    Thats me and Erny spending time together after exams :D
    Thats me and mom who's nuaing on the bed :B
    Thats my card made for mom on mother's day :D
    This is cover page.
    Thats my niece sleeping :D
    Thats a cake from mom and rose from brother (:
    Me, bored at home :D
    Drawing during art lesson (:
    Birthday presents! four from cotton on haha (joke :B)
    Vicky's preddy earring.
    Us after tuition (:

    Took this on sports day (:
    And this too!
    Thats my Mid year exam's art piece (:
    Flower flower :B
    Small class gathering for lunch and thats me & Sheryl.
    Joeann & me. :D
    and thats amoz :D
    This iz me and cousin walking at the river near punggol water front (:
    Super tired that day cuz we walked A LOT.

    And thats all for today's update. Haha super lazy to update.. So troublesome to connect phone to com >< but i'll try to update more often!! Ciao love you all <3